Get to know me…

Hello everyone, my name is Katlyn Hoge and this is my very first blog/ blog post. I have created this blog for my sport marketing class and for my marketing research & strategies class. I hope though to maybe use this blog in the future as a personal blog. So to get to know me a little, I am a senior business administration major at West Virginia Wesleyan College. I decided to call Wesleyan home because I was recruited for volleyball. On my visit, I instantly fell in love with the campus and the small town atmosphere. As a child I always thought I would attend a big school, but to my surprise I ended up at little school. Attending Wesleyan gave me the opportunity to continue my love of playing volleyball. Some of my best memories that I have at Wesleyan are from volleyball and it’s hard to believe that my career is finally over. Volleyball has taught me so much and I have met some of my best friends through it. Also while attending Wesleyan, I was able to join Alpha Delta Pi. I was a little hesitant at first to join a sorority. I never really thought I was the sorority type, but I decided to give it a chance. I went through recruitment and I felt right at home. I am so glad that I decided to go through and join because Alpha Delta Pi gave me more than 60 girls to call my sisters. Alpha Delta Pi is a home away from home for me because I know I can turn to anyone of my sisters and lean on them for support. Alpha Delta Pi has also given me a chance to make lots of memories and friends that I will never forget.

My plans for post-graduation are currently up in the air. I am really bad at making decisions and making up my mind. But don’t worry my dad is up my butt telling me that I needed to figure out my plans like last year. My dad has given me two options and they are to either go to grad school or get a job. If not, he is threatening to not let me live at home for a little bit after graduation. This slightly scares me because I don’t know what I want to do with my life. I guess if I go to grad school it will give me more time to decide what I ultimately want to do with my life. But if I get a job, it will give me experience and I can figure out what I like to do. My dream job though would be to end up one day working for Nike. I think it would be so cool to work there because I love Nike. I may or may not be low key obsessed with Nike. So with my dad breathing dad my back, I need to make a decision soon. And there is only 111 days until graduation so I need to get cracking and decide what I am going to do. If anyone has ideas what I should do, it would be much appreciated. Whether it be possible job opportunities or ideas for grad school, anything is helpful at this point. Thanks!


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